Sunday, 16 June 2013

Drop into Coven antiques and collectors fair

Not having a fair booked today or organising one.  What's the next best thing, looking around one doing a little networking.  The chosen venue today being Coven antiques and collectors fair.

A small venue holding around 30 dealers the fair looked to be fully booked or not obviously covered by other stall holders.  Nice light room.  I was told by a couple of dealers that the stall rent was £20. An average price for fairs now.  

The quality was fair to medium not many antiques but plenty of collectables from all price ranges.  Plenty of costume jewellery and one lady selling gold and silver. 

The fair is a regular one being held every 3rd Sunday in the month.  This was the last one until September. 

I didn't find much to buy only this

Lock Worcester bamboo vase and a piece of costume jewellery. 
You can always tell when a fair is not too good the atmosphere of the place is very depressing dealers are quick to drop prices without asking.  The dealer who sold me the vase dropped the price by £10 with out my asking.  I know it was quite when I was there but it wasn't too early in the day.  I arrived just after 11am. 
Not that I minded as I was happy to have paid the asking price. 
Talking to the organiser she said that they didn't usually  have a fair in May and June but as the dealers had requested it they had put one in.  This may account for the poor attendance while I was there.  Even so people were drifting in slowly and I have had reports from one of the dealers who stood the fair that it did get busier in the afternoon.

Mission accomplished morning out looking for new stock leaflets distributed to dealers a very profitable morning.  Why profitable when I wasn't selling?  I hear you ask.  Well I was taught from a young age you don't make your money when you sell an Item you make the money when you buy it.  If you don't buy it right you won't make money.

Coven antiques fair was an ok fair not too big a nice village fair.  Worth dropping in for a nosey around just in case you pick up that special piece.  I will certainly be keeping an eye on the calendar for the next one.


  1. I'm quite surprised to see so many vintage and antique fairs held during the summer weekends. Trade surely must drop off at this time of year with so many free events, music festivals and the main British holiday season.
    Love your philosophy about buying to make money. It's the perfect reason to be constantly shopping. x

  2. To tell you the truth most indoor fairs do drop off around summer time that's when the big fairs take over summer season starts in May with Peterborough out door events usually 2 or 3 days. Then back into the warm September. But with last years weather so bad a lot of indoor organisers have added a few extra dates just in case. Some organisers keep regular fairs going all through the year. Kinver fairs run every month