Sunday, 23 June 2013

Confession of a hoarder (collector)

Well its another wet and miserable rainy day in England.  You would think we would be used to it by now.  Bring back the sun.  It has given me time to think about sharing a secret. I am a hoarder.  Not in the piles of rubbish and crap you see on tv type of hoarder.  I like nice things and I like to collect. I have been hoarding for 40 years plus.  I think I get it from my parents.  Also self confessed hoarders.  I always remember my dad saying once he might not have a lot of money in the bank but he has a lot of nice things.  Well that's me.  If I see a piece I must have I buy it.  I see it as my pension fund lets face it with interest rates so poor at the moment my money is better invested in something I can see enjoy and preserve for future generations.  I only buy what I like every thing else I sell. 
I have 2 main collections my glass and my pin cushion dolls
My glass this has been my main collection for over 30 years I collect Monart glass from the Ysart family I will also stretch to Vasart dating from the 1930's to the 1950's made in Scotland Perth this is just a small selection. 
All free blown each piece is unique you can have the same vase same colours same size same shape but they will be different
My partner Chris tried for many years to buy me a covered bowl (the one on the left)  We kept being outbid now when you put £750 on a small covered dish you would expect to buy it but no.  I got very lucky one day on Ebay this one got listed on a buy it now for £145 a real bargain.  It wasn't listed for very long.
I say this is my expensive collection as most pieces I buy are in the hundreds of pounds thanks to people on TV making people aware of how wonderful it is.  It's a pity the experts don't always get it right and they buy pieces that are not Monart and have probably never been anywhere near Scotland.
I also collect pin cushion dolls.  This is what I call my cheap collection.  But as in the way of all  collections the rarer items become not so cheap.  It has quickly grown into another I have to save for collection.
They come in all shapes and sizes mainly made in Germany.  They date from Victorian times to the modern day.  you can still get the more common dolls from a few pounds something like the little lady in the pink dress 3rd doll from the left would cost less than £10 and was sold originally for cake toppers or soda straw toppers.  The doll behind her made by Geobles on the other hand would cost anything from £100 to £250 pounds.  Prices are rising rare finds like the fawn can command even higher prices.
I just thought I would share a few pictures today of my main collections these also have led to other collections for example the pin cushion ladies have led onto me collecting German porcelain New york and Rudelstadt  some thing that I never thought I would collect figures but there you are progression collections grow and evolve

 I could go on all day about the collections and these are just mine lol.  Chris also collects. 

That will be for another rainy day.




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  1. That's not hoarding, it's far too pretty and so beautifully presented!
    I love seeing collections grouped together like you do, it intensifies the impact! xxx