Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A week of antiques fairs

Uttoxeter race course

A busy week for us started off with 3 days at Uttoxeter race course, setting up day on Friday we started out at 9am loaded up and arrived just after 11am.  The weather couldn't have been better glorious sun shine with a slight breeze perfect for stalling up out side.   By 5pm we had finally set all the tables up and unpacked the stock ready for the off at 7:30am the next morning.  My partner Chris had to work on the Friday so it was just myself and my parents stalling out on the Friday.  My parents were staying over night with the stock while I travelled back home to spend the night there.  Then both Chris and myself travelled back at 6:30am on Saturday morning.  We arrived back at the racecourse at around 7:30am just in time to help get the covers off and finish stalling out.  The first customers started to arrive around 8am.  

Saturday was very busy lots of customers all very interested and looking to spend money we even had a few international buyers on their way to Lincoln and Newark.  We finally covered the stalls and packed up for the night at around 6pm.

Sunday was a little quieter but still a good day the weather was perfect not too hot and not too breezy the international buyers were still with us and boy did we help them to spend their money.  There are a few nice pieces on their way to Japan and America as we speak.  Don't get me wrong they will spend but it has to be the right price. 

Uttoxeter was an enjoyable fair highly recommended 2 days stalled out side £40 bargain one of the cheapest fairs in the Midlands and one of the nicest organisers too. 

Back home Sunday night finished unloading by about 8pm weekend over time to get ready for the next event.

Have time to slip in the regular Wednesday market at Penkridge

Then onto the next

Oswestry show ground

Fair number 2 again a 3 day fair setting up on the Friday then 2 days trading over the Saturday and Sunday.  Weather forecast was glorious sunshine once again and the dealers were making the most of it the place was packed with caravans and motorhomes.  After the weather we had last year every one was making the most of it.  We usual stall out by the buildings but there were so many there we ended up being the other side of the paddock.

My partner Chris was working again so it was just me and my parents for the duration of the weekend.  We arrived in good time around 11:30am then the hard work setting up the stalls and the caravan  for the weekend. 

Any one who thinks being an antiques dealer is an easy life forget it. 

The fair is much the same format as any other fair early starts late finishes.  The weather was hot blazing sun.  Saturday we had lots of visitors to the fair but why they came no one knows they certainly weren't spending money and they weren't even looking at the stalls people just drifting past no parcels in hands.  After speaking to a lot of dealers every one was the same no one spending.  The only people spending were the dealers who had just come straight from Lincoln and Newark trying to restock  ready for their next fair.  A very poor show.  A lot of what we call the bargain hunt brigade they watch the tv and think they know it all and us dealers are rolling money and just want to give our stock away for next to nothing they don't see the hard work we put into finding the stuff.  I am sure they think we are given every thing we have. 

When you have a so called customer ask a price on an item for £3  then proceed to ask if that's the best price I am sorry but how much do you think your going to get knocked off.  Some of these people are down right rude. 

The Sunday was not so well attended but the air show may have had a lot to do with that but at least the people who did come were looking to spend a bit of money what a difference people walking around with bags of stuff they had bought and showing an interest not just walking past in a daze. 

It wasn't the greatest of fairs which is a shame as usually it is a good one could have been the heat who knows.  Stall rents on this fair for the 2 days £70 I broke even by the time I took the price of the stock and the rent plus diesel. 

That's a full week of fairs the summer season is upon us I have nothing booked so far for the weekend but who knows by Friday.  I may just decide to drop into a boot sale and shift some of the cheap and cheerful stock.  My regular Wednesday Penkridge market tomorrow 6am early start if your in the area why not come over and say hello.  


  1. I agree with every word Victoria..The 3p's..pick up..put down and..well you know the rest. The do think your stock was purchased for next to nothing and your making huge profits on everything..and of course the stall are free and so is the food and fuel....oops on a rant now

  2. Welcome to the blog for ranting rant away. Too long certain TV programes have made it look like the dealers are ripping people off it's time to tell it how it really is.